Nobody likes to see flashing lights in their rear view mirror. It means that you’re going to be late to work that day. It means your driving record won’t be as in tact as it was before. It mean’s you’ve gotten what we all try to avoid getting: a traffic ticket.

A common misconception is that you only get traffic tickets because of speeding. Many think that if they were always sure to drive within five miles of the speed limit, they’ll be in the clear and avoid being ticketed. In reality, you can get a traffic ticket for things besides speeding. Speeding, however, is one of the more common culprits for traffic tickets, especially for habitual traffic offenders.

You can get a traffic ticket for a myriad of other reasons. Did you perform an unsafe lane change? Are there expired tabs on your car? Did you run a red light? Were you using your cell phone while operating your vehicle? Were you traveling in the third lane, but not passing? Were you going the speed limit, but traveling too fast for the conditions? Did you have an open container in your vehicle?